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Cancellation & Return policy


Please carefully read this Cancellation and Return Policy before using our Services. This is a legally binding contract. This Policy constitutes a contractual agreement between you and Al-Hussaini Trading Company.

Al-Hussaini Trading Company is an LLC legally incorporated and domiciled in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as “We” and/or “Us” and/or the “Company").

This Cancellation and Return Policy along with our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between Al-Hussaini Trading Company and you. All of our Customers are subject to the provisions of this document.

The definitions set out in the Terms and Conditions of Al-Hussaini Trading Company, as defined in Section 1 apply to this Cancellation and Return Policy.

By accessing and/or browsing and/or creating a customer account and/or using our Website ( and Services, you express your understanding and acceptance to this Cancellation and Return Policy. If you do not agree with this Cancellation Policy, you should leave our Website immediately



a)     You may cancel your order due to any of the following reasons:

  • If the delivery of the Product is delayed more than 15 working days and the Product has not been used, in which case the sales contract will be terminated and the price of the Product refunded in full.
  • If the Product has not yet been shipped.

b)    In case of cancelation, after the order has been shipped to you, cancelation fees will apply. We have full right to prove if the Product has been shipped to you by the time of the cancelation request.


a)     We may cancel a Customer Order due to any of the following reason:

  • There is an error in the price of the Product.
  • Payment rejection.
  • Customer had a delay for more than 1.5 hours to settle payment.
  • Wrong delivery address or wrong contact details given by Customer.
  • The Product is not received by the Customer or by the person indicated by the Customer, at the address provided by the Customer in the Order, within a period of 15 working days, since the purchase of the Product.

b)    If a cancellation occurs according to Section 2.1, the Sales Contract between the Company and the Customer will be terminated, and the Company will give a full refund to the Customer. However, the Company may deduct or charge the Customer any reasonable compensation fee for the expenses incurred as a result of the Order cancellation and/or termination of the Sales Contract.

c)     The Sales Contract referred to in this Section is governed by Section 7 of our Terms and Conditions.


2.1.    The Customer has 3 calendar days to return & 7 days for exchange of Product from the date it was received on, provided that the Customer carries out the return at its own expenses, except if the return is due to any of the reasons below:

  • The product is defective and/or damaged
  • The product is described incorrectly or does not correspond to the item shown on the Website and purchased by the Customer.
  • There is an error in the price of the Product.
  • The product was delivered to the Customer more than 15 working days after the purchase of the item was carried out by the Customer.

2.2.    Once the Company receives the Product in return, and having examined the conditions of the item, a receipt confirmation of the same will be emailed to the Customer. The Company will immediately notify the Customer the status of the refund after examining the Product.

2.3.    If after examining the Product the Company determines that the return applies in accordance to Section 2.1, the Company will proceed to approve the return by notifying the Customer with an email. However, in case the Customer returns the Product in a different form to the original, the Company will have the right to decline the return requested by the Customer,in which case the Customer will pick its item back, or pay the additional shipping charges that apply.

2.4.    In case the return of the Product is approved, the Company will immediately process the refund by reversing the amount paid to the original payment method.

2.5.    The refund amount will be received by the Customer during the next days following the refund process by the Company, subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer of the Payment Method. This amount will be equal to the original price paid for the Product in return. 


We reserve the right to modify all or part of this Cancellation and Return Policy at any time. The modified Cancellation and Return Policy will be published on the Website and will come effective five (5) days following its publication on the Website. In case you do not agree to such changes, you must express so by contacting us, within five (5) days following said publication, in which case your Customer Account will be canceled. Upon expiration of this term, it will be understood that you have accepted such modifications made in our Cancellation and Return Policy.


This Cancellation and Return Policy shall be governed by the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In case of disputes, you expressly agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Any questions, comments or requests regarding this Cancellation and Return Policy should be addressed in writing to the Company by email to and that email receipt must be acknowledged by the Company, or by mail to the address mentioned below:

Al-Hussaini Trading Company.

7859 Al Madinah Al Munawarah, Al Sharafeyah, Jeddah 22234, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number:800 244 2444


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Last Updated: April 2020